"I started skating in Hawaii back in the 1980’s, and there wasn’t really anything for us to skate - a couple of ramps we had access to, and a few drainage ditches.  But what we had was a community of like-minded individuals that all loved riding a skateboard.  And that sense of community and camaraderie carried us through those tough times.  What I see in the HSA ( Hawaii Skatepark Association)  is a group of like-minded individuals making a better community for all - not just for skateboarders but the community as a whole.  Kids need a place where they can feel like they belong, and skateparks really provide a place for that sense of community to thrive.

As a retired professional skateboarder, I've travelled all over the world and have seen lots of different skate communities, and they all have one thing in common - that same sense of community and camaraderie.  For kids to grow up to be well-adjusted adults, I cannot think of anything more important than having a place where they know and feel they belong.  HSA cares about skateboarding, the skate community, and building quality environments where that community will really grow and thrive."

- Bo Ikeda 

"The parks that the HSA have contributed to have been a big affect on my skateboarding and also my life. They helped me make new friends, learn important life lessons, and also help me grow as a kid to an adult. I support every cause that The HSA will contribute too, they only have the best intentions for Hawaii communities and for the growth of skateboarding in the Hawaiian isles."


- Kobe Enrique